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Janna B.
Feeling better than ever!I am 74 years old and thought I was "too old to feel better." I used to have that "hurt all over" feeling when I got up in the morning, and it would last for several hours. I also suffered from rather frightening shortness of breath and pain in my feet. After several Applied Vascular Therapy sessions, each of which resolved my  discomforts and greatly improved my breathing, I decided to purchase my own BEMER Pro set. I now wake up feeling better than ever, I have greater endurance, and I no longer suffer from breathing problems.
Robyn W.
I'm a true believer!I went in with pain in my neck and hip, and left with NO pain. I am a true believer in Applied Vascular Therapy, and will be back for more. I am still basically pain free!
Kristy P.
What an amazing therapy!My first Applied Vascular Therapy session was amazing. I came in with painful hands and reduced range of motion in my right arm. I left with no pain and with full range of motion! The next day I could tell my back muscles were much looser; it was a super nice feeling. The results I experienced were so positive I now have a BEMER Pro set of my own that my family and I use daily at home.
Gary T.
I left feeling fantasticI came in feeling achy all over, and after my 30 minute Applied Vascular Therapy session I felt fantastic!
Denise G.
Very Knowledgeable!Had a great first experience. Addressed all of my areas of concern and then some. Loved that she took the time to explain and also provided stretches & exercises I can do on my own. Above and beyond is all that comes to mind here!
Jennifer M.
Amazing results in just one session.During my first Applied Vascular Therapy session my back pain totally disappeared and my neck and hip pain were reduced by 80%. I slept great that night, and work up with more energy! I then went to a spin class at the gym and had more endurance than ever!
Stacy F.
Love this innovative therapyMy family and I had our first Applied Vascular Therapy session in early June, and we experienced such great results that we twice purchased a series of 10 sessions. The more we learned about the life-transforming health benefits of this leading-edge technology the more we realized we wanted to benefit from twice-a-day sessions in our own home. So before we completed our second series of 10 sessions we purchased our own BEMER Pro set, and we are SO glad we did!
Daniel F.
Wow. Just plain wow.Wow. In just one Applied Vascular Therapy session I experienced a 90% reduction in the pain in my knees and ankles I had been suffering with for years. Thanks!
Pamela A.
Better sleep and no more painI slept really well the night after my initial Applied Vascular Therapy session, and my back pain has not come back

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