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Applied Vascular Therapy (BEMER) Session - 30 min. for only $65 

Relax in our comfortable recliner and enjoy freshly made organic tea as you experience the benefits of an FDA registered Class I medical device backed by two decades of research and development.
  • Gary T. — I came in feeling achy all over, and after my 30 minute session I felt fantastic!
  • Pamela Ames — I slept really well the night after my initial session, and my back pain has not come back.
  • Robyn W. —I went in with pain in my neck and hip, and left with NO pain. I am a true believer, and will be back for more.
  • Daniel F. — Wow. In just one Applied Vascular Therapy session I experienced a 90% reduction in the pain in my knees and ankles I had been suffering with for years. Thanks!
  • Jennifer M. — During my first session my back pain totally disappeared and my neck and hip pain were reduced by 80%. I slept great that night, and work up with more energy! I then went to a spin class at the gym and had more endurance than ever!